About the Photographs and the Photographer

Most all of the current photographs and historical images provided in this website, have either been personally taken and / or collected by Reuben Bauer. He has been in the business of photographing, collecting, restoring and preserving these and many other rare, historical images for nearly fifty, plus years. Largely, due to his intense interests and initiative much of this vast collection would have been lost to our heritage and all cultures. Because of his passion to record and capture the lives of people, places and things, these photographs dominate his attention with detail that is rarely noticed in this entire enterprise. He takes great pains to encapsulate these images as they are shown here. All of his work clearly demonstrates his fascination and passion in what he does. The result of which is ultimately drawn to many historical people, places and things that are featured in the heritage books that he writes about. He also has a real compassion for people of every color, race and nation. His sensitivity to human qualities and attributes are evident as a focal point in his photography and biographical writings. Rarely does he overlook human creativity and initiative and the environment which influenced the lives of his subjects. He has a real eye for images that capture the essence of things that really matter in life.

This Western Canadian Heritage Foundation is now accepting images and photographs from other photographers and researchers to be placed in new portfolios or existing ones providing they fit the theme. The Foundation Board and Directors very much invite your on-going response and participation in this first of a kind of activity in Western Canada. Please contact us for our guidelines.

All images shown in all the portfolios of the Gallery are available for sale. We will be able to print your favorite digital images to most any size needed. We will quote on sizes bigger than the conventional size of 5"x7", or 8"x10". Please provide us with your specific request in your email.

Family Record Charts and other genealogical chart pages are also available where shown below the “Families (German-Russian)” portfolio website. The cost is $7.00 (CAN) per printed page, plus shipping cost. When you request a family genealogy, we will send you the cost price per print out for that particular family history, as each family history may vary in length, depending upon the length of each history. The image gallery contains all the images on site, arranged into various portfolios which are shown here.

Please come back soon as new images are added on a regular basis and at various intervals.